MDPA Major Projects

Summary of Major Projects

Below is a quick summary of our major projects. Full details of each project can be found by clicking on the relevant link.

If any of these projects are of interest to you and you would like to be involved, please attend one of our meetings.

Wool Processing Plant

Wool Processing Plant

The Merriwa District Progress Association continues to work through the logistics, possibility and value of a local wool processing plant. 

There is much to do in this space and exploring all possibilities takes time.


Return and Earn Machine

Reverse Vending Machine

The Merriwa District Progress Association continues to lobby for a reverse vending machine in town. With approximately 1,300,000 beverage containers sold in the Merriwa district per year, a reverse vending machine would be a major part of our waste management.


Visitor Survey

Visitor Survey

In early 2021 the Merriwa District Progress Association conduced a visitor survey using both in person and online survey methods. The results show Merriwa to be well received as a friendly and welcoming town. It seems our country hospitality abounds. While we should congratulate ourselves for our welcoming attitude, there is still much we can do to enhance the visitor experience.


Traffic Monitoring

Speed Radar Board

The Merriwa District Progress Association successfully lobbied for the installation of a temporary advisory speed radar sign in Merriwa. The equipment included a speed radar board near Witneys Creek and two traffic counters (cables across the road) near the fire station (Bettington Street) and near Quigley Street (King George V Avenue). This placement was as a result of a request made by the Merriwa District Progress Association

The Upper Hunter Shire Council – in partnership with Muswellbrook and Singleton Councils – purchased the machine outright.

Full results of traffic monitoring (which occurred in Merriwa between December 2019 and March 2020) are now available courtesy of the Upper Hunter Traffic Committee.

A summary of the results can be seen in our related press release.


Getting to Merriwa

A Guide to Public Transport to and from Merriwa

In 2019 The Merriwa District Progress Association published a sixteen-page booklet entitled A Guide To Public Transport To and From Merriwa.


A copy of the booklet was posted to every household in the Merriwa and Cassilis district with further copies are available at the Visitor Information Centre and the Welcoming Centre in Merriwa.


This local project was made possible with generous financial support from Transport for NSW, Merriwa Non-Emergency Medical Transport and the Merriwa Community Portal.