Council and State Govt

Upper Hunter Shire council

The Merriwa Town Centre Masterplan sets out “a strategic framework to revitalise the town centre and establish the key direction for the town over the next 15+ years, with the aim of creating a safe, attractive and thriving town centre well into the future.

The purpose of this Masterplan is to provide Council and the community with a roadmap for positive change. It identifies the key components and implementation steps needed to realise the vision”

Ref: Page 5, The Merriwa Town Centre Masterplan.

The Upper Hunter Shire Destination Management Plan (2021) (DMP) for the Upper Hunter is the result of community and industry consultation from November 2020 – February 2021.

“A variety of workshops and meetings have been facilitated to enable as many stakeholders as possible to contribute. In addition, extensive research and analysis has been carried out to determine the destinations points of uniqueness and difference and to help ensure that points of difference are captured between the various communities throughout the shire who reside in or close to Aberdeen, Merriwa, Murrurundi and Scone.”

Ref: Page 2, The Upper Hunter Shire Destination Management Plan.

State Government

The purpose of the Golden Highway Corridor Strategy (2016) “is to summarise the issues raised by community members and stakeholders through formal submissions in response to the public exhibition of the Golden Highway Draft Corridor Strategy.

The report details how the feedback presented by key stakeholders, community groups and individuals during the consultation period has been addressed to update the final Golden Highway Corridor Strategy document.”

Ref: Page 2, Golden Highway Corridor Strategy.