Five Years and Beyond

Latest Update Jan 2023

In November 2022 the Merriwa District Progress Association (MDPA) held a community forum planning day. The goal was to seek ideas for the development of Merriwa and the surrounding district.

The ideas that emerged from the day were both insightful and inspiring. Council has shown significant interest in the Merriwa and District Community Forum Report, which is now available for download.

A Little Background

In early 2022 the Merriwa District Progress Association (MDPA) met with the Cassilis Development District Group (CDDG) to discuss projects and possible synergies between the two groups. During that meeting the CDDG shared their long-term plan for their district. This was an impressive plan based on community consultation and it planted the seed for the MDPA to embark on a similar planning process.

Inspired by the Cassilis Development Group, the MDPA held a community forum planning event at the Merriwa RSL Auditorium on 5 November 2022. The goal was to gather ideas for a long-term plan for Merriwa and the surrounding district (five years and beyond). In the lead up to the forum the community was also invited to provide ideas via phone, via an online suggestion form and via a suggestion box at the local chemist (thanks to Rob Smith at the Merriwa Pharmacy for accommodating us). This meant that for those who were unable to attend, alternative options were available.

The Community Forum event was advertised through a letterbox drop to all households in Merriwa and via Facebook posts on Merriwa Connect. Aside from inviting recipients and readers to attend the Community Forum in person (no RSVP required), the flyer and posts also invited suggestions via phone, via the online suggestion form and via the suggestion box.

An astounding 45 people attended the Community Forum half-day event and they really had their thinking caps on. This was an excellent turnout for a town the size of Merriwa.